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Buying a garage door is not an easy task. You would want to own a garage door that is robust, space-saving, safe, and well-insulated. As a full-service provider of garage doors, we will help you select a door that is optimal for your requirements. After a new garage door installation, we can insulate the door to prevent loss of heat. Below are a few things that you should know before you are planning to buy a new garage door and start with the process of the new garage door installation

Garage Door Materials

Aluminum garage doors are cheaper, rust-proof, and lighter. However, they have a higher probability of getting dented as aluminum is not strong. As aluminum is a highly conductive material, aluminum garage doors are energy inefficient. Vinyl and fiberglass garage doors are composite items. They combine a steel core behind the vinyl or fiberglass skin. They also have various kinds of insulation options. These premium doors are a touch expensive, though. You can try out a new garage door installation of this kind if you want a premium garage door.

Steel doors are the most common material used as garage doors. They provide strength to your door and are secure as well. These doors are available in various styles and sizes. Wood is also used as a garage door material. This gives the door an aesthetic appeal. However, this aesthetic appeal does not come cheap and requires high maintenance. These doors can be easily damaged, as well.

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Roller Doors

Once you have decided to have a new garage door installation, it is also important to know the types of doors that you can select from. Roller dolls are also called sheet doors. These are mostly made of corrugated steel. Roller doors are said to be inspired by cover windows. Materials like corrugated fiberglass can also be used. These materials require strong impact resistance. These corrugations help the doors withstand impacts. A typical garage roller door will have spring-loaded inside the rolling mechanism. This spring will reduce the effort and energy required to open or close the door. These doors cannot be easily insulated.

Double Steel Garage Doors

These are composite overlay doors. Double-layer steel garage doors require little maintenance as they are made from heavy-duty steel. They consist of a layer of steel that is backed by a polystyrene layer for insulation. They make less noise and are more durable. Double layer garage doors are energy-efficient and more insulating than single-layer doors. Warrior Garage doors offer the best range of options in this category for both residential and commercial use. They use environmentally friendly methods of insulation as well. You can contact Warrior Garage Doors for an on-time new garage door installation.

Carriage Garage Doors

The word Carriage door dates to the era of storing carriages that were drawn by horses. These garage doors are popular for their natural finishes. Carriage Garage Doors were originally crafted from wood. Warrior Garage Doors ensure that your garage door gets extra strength by eliminating sharp and rough edges. You can request for a new garage door installation from them. They construct the garage doors from top-quality materials and provide a wood grain texture to the doors.

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In most cases, people rarely use the front door. They use the garage as the main entrance. Since the garage is attached to your house, the importance of insulation grows. In case, your garage is not attached to your house, or you do not store any substance which is sensitive to temperature, you can give the idea of having an insulation drop. In other cases, you can ensure comfortable conditions by opting for a garage door that is insulated. Warrior Garage Doors ensure that your new garage door installation is as per your requirements. They provide you with nothing but the best.

Low Maintenance

Using wood as the base of your garage door makes it beautiful. But it also raises the maintenance cost of the door. With exposure to elements like rain and sun all around the year, the wooden garage door might need to be regularly inspected and refinished. In such situations, you might want to for a material that might not warp or rot. Warrior Garage Doors ensures that you get a proper return on investment by providing you the option to choose from a unique range of doors. They will analyze your needs and carry out the new garage door installation smoothly.


You can ask your manufacturer to customize a garage door as per your specifications. Everybody wants that after the process of new garage door installation, their house must be set apart from others. This is where service providers like Warrior Garage Doors come into the picture. They provide you with designs that will appeal to your taste and set you apart from others.


The thickness of the steel used in the hardware should also be taken care of. For longer durability and better performance, you should look for garage doors that offer a high quality of the hardware. This ensures that your garage door will last longer. This reduces your maintenance costs as well.

Considering the noise level

While opting for a new garage door installation, you should choose a roller that reduces the sound made by your garage door. Nylon rollers help you achieve the same.

Choosing a manufacturer

This is the most important part of a new garage door installation. You should choose a manufacturer that provides you with an option to choose from a huge range of collections. They should also provide services at all points of time and offer a garage door repair whenever required. They should provide a durable and smooth quality of garage doors with no compromise on quality. Thus, you should select the manufacturer for your new garage door installation carefully.

Warrior garage doors are your one-stop solution to all these issues. Contact Warrior Garage Doors for Garage New Door Installation in Dallas