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If you’re in the market looking for the best commercial door, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself: what is the function of the commercial door? Is it for parking vehicles? or is it for handling a huge group of people coming in and out. A garage door works more than a gateway, but also aids in ventilation, passage of air and light.

Many people get confused between a residential and commercial garage door may look very similar to many people, but it isn’t they are very much different in a lot of ways. Garage doors have some commercial application and one of the noticeable differences the garage doors used for commercial doors are strong and durable as the industrial/commercial garage doors are subjected to wear & tear than a residential garage door. A well-functioning and robust garage door is necessary to any building and it’s very important for any commercial operation as it prevents thefts and enhances security as well.

In many establishments like factories or manufacturing units unloading/loading of goods large trucks move in and out through commercial garage doors on a regular basis, hence it is very important that you need commercial doors that are more resistant than normal residential doors.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors come in many sizes, materials, shapes and functions. The most common types of doors used in the business establishments are:

  • Overhead Doors
  • High Speed Garage Doors
  • Roll up Sheet Doors and
  • Fire Rated Doors

Commercial Door Repair

When your commercial garage door is functioning properly it lets your business run smoothly and seamlessly, but if your commercial garage door isn’t functioning properly it will impact your business. A robust garage door is necessary for any business and however accidents or failures happen commonly in any systems, including commercial garage doors. Heavy usage of commercial garage doors lead to malfunctions over time. The most common reason why your commercial garage doors needs a repair are:

Damaged Springs: Rusted or broken torsion springs are the culprits of commercial garage doors not functioning and further leads to commercial garage door service

Damaged Cables: Worn out cables can come in the way of the garage door while opening and closing. Check the cables on a regular basis to find any kind of rust and give us a call for commercial door repair

Damaged Rollers:  Depending upon the frequency and material used, dour rollers eventually wear and tear or come off the track. Corroded rolled need to be replaced or repaired

Misaligned tracks: If garage door tracks are impacted or corroded they might slip out of alignment. Misaligned tracks can worsen over a period and may eventually need a new commercial door replacement.

How to know when it’s time for Commercial garage door repair service

  • Unexpected noise
  • Issues while opening and closing
  • Shaking garage doors
  • Sagging and
  • Damage

Whether you’re installing a new commercial door or replacing the old ones you already have, it is really important to have an established long term relationship with a commercial garage door company for repairs and services.A good company proves you a wide range of services but a great company strives to serve its customers instead of just making a sale.

5 Helpful Tips When Hiring A  Commercial Garage Door Repair Company

Cost of Service: Pricing play an important role in choosing the reliable commercial garage door repair and whenever you’re having any kind of commercial garage services done it’s good to get various bids as it will give you an idea about what rates is running in the industry and if you’re getting the service at a reasonable price. Cost of service plays a vital role in decision making process

Reliability:  Comparing apples to apples is very important. Check if the commercial garage door service company offers 24-hours service? If a warrant is offered or not? How long have they been in business? You might want to find a company who sticks to its promise.

Experience: You will hire a company that has the right expertise/technicians for your commercial garage door repairs. Look for experts who are licensed and professional. Hiring licensed professionals, you can relax by assuring that qualified people are in charge of your commercial garage door repair and replacement. Companies which are bonded are trustworthy and in any case any kind of accident during replacement it will be compensated by the company as it is insured.

Transparency: Companies that are transparent and have no hidden cost or fee are established to hire right away for your commercial garage door installation and repair. Right from technician’s primary visit to all the details related to the project should be discussed with you by the company who are transparent in their communication and pricing.

Reputation: An important aspect you need to look at is the company’s reputation. There are different ratings and certification a company receives. Many service rating websites are available for everyone so that you can check and one of the best ways to find a trustworthy commercial garage door repair service is by asking friends and neighbors. There are high chances that someone who has worked in the past. A positive referral or warning can help you search for a reputable commercial garage service.

Why Warrior Garage Doors for Commercial Garage Door repair

Our highly qualified technicians are knowledgeable and courteous and will help you walk through everything you need to know about commercial garage doors. Our technicians will perform all the inspection and diagnosis that is freely provided by Warrior Garage Doors.

We at Warrior Garage Doors offer a wide range of quality services. We’re built on high quality services and smart solutions. Our team is experienced and provides professional skills that are the best and offer commercial garage door repairs and replacements at an affordable price.

We conduct ourselves in a very professional manner. Our services are available 24 hours a day, and we provide emergency garage door service on the day you call us. With our exceptional garage door maintenance services, we help to extend the life of the garage doors, docks, and gates. Complete end to end communication and you can call us any time for a garage door maintenance or repair around Dallas. Priority scheduling for service and any repairs detected during maintenance visit repaired on the same day and you receive a written report in detail of our inspection for your records.