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Commercial Garage Door Repair

If your commercial or industrial garage door is down, so is your Business because you may run out of business time. Well-functioning and robust garage doors are necessary to any building, and they are even more crucial for commercial operations to prevent theft and security purposes as well. However, accidents and component failures happen quite commonly in any system, including garage doors. 

If your commercial garage doors are noisy, or poorly opening or closing and withdrawing the professionalism of your Business, placing your inventory at risk, don’t hesitate to call Warrior Garage Door Services, we have been one of the best commercial garage door repair company in Dallas.

Excellent Workmanship & Guaranteed Results: Commercial Garage Door Repair

Whether you need a new garage door part or need an expert technician to repair your damaged garage door, you can count on warrior garage door services. You can call us at any time for exceptionally fast and high-quality commercial garage door repairs and services.

We provide a wide variety of industrial and commercial garage replacement parts. We finish any kind of garage door repair on the same day as our service trucks are loaded with all necessary parts to eliminate extra trips and speed the door repair. Some commercial garage door components are custom made and need to be ordered specially. You can rely on warrior garage doors for fast and quality delivery of the garage door components.

commercial garage door repair

We Repair, Replace & Install All Makes & Models Of Garage Doors

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Planned Maintenance

Proper maintenance of any system lasts longer than you expected. In the same way, your commercial garage doors should have planned maintenance from time to time. So that they can last with good working conditions and also you can avoid unexpected, unnecessary costly repairs.

The constant use of garage doors builds more stress on your door system. Most of the time, people postpone door maintenance until problems become severe due to lean workforces and tight resources. Then, the repair becomes more expensive, along with downtime and lost productivity. Our warrior garage door maintenance services are scheduled to be the least disruptive and can detect small problems before becoming big ones.

For Quality Planned Maintenance Service:

Why Warrior Garage Doors for Commercial Garage Door Maintenance

  • Our services are available 24 hours a day, and we provide emergency garage door service on the day you call us.
  • With our exceptional garage door maintenance services, we help to extend the life the garage doors, docks, and gates
  • Complete end to end communication and you can call us any time for a garage door maintenance or repair around Dallas.
  • During our maintenance visit, minor to significant adjustments will be done, and regular lubrication of every friction point is taken care of.
  • Priority scheduling for service and any repairs detected during maintenance visit repaired on the same day.
  • You receive a written report in detail of our inspection for your records.

For Quality Commercial Garage Door Service:

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We Keep Your Commercial Garage Doors In Condition

If your garage door is out the order during the business time or in need of any industrial doors or equipment, Warriors are here to repair, replace, and keep it working smoothly.

  • Rolling Steel Doors
  • Fire Doors & Testing
  • Sectional Garage Doors
  • High-Speed Doors
  • Security Gates & Grilles
  • Commercial Garage Door Openers
  • High Lift Doors

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When your garage doors or door equipment is down – So is your Business!
Suppose you own a business or involved in commercial property management in the higher Seattle area. In that case, you might probably know the importance of proper maintenance of your industrial doors, loading dock equipment, security gates & grilles, fire doors, and other access systems.

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For Quality Door Grilles Service:

Rolling Steel Doors

Rolling steel doors also called roll-up doors that are commonly used to provide high security for warehouses and airplane hangars to concession stands, larger storage units, and storefronts. These doors can roll up into a coil to save space and also doesn’t intervene with other building structures.

We provide various types of rolling steel doors, such as interlocking prime-painted galvanized steel slats(both insulated or non-insulated), windowed steel slats for visibility, or ventilation. Rolling steel doors are mostly installed for industrial or commercial buildings, Wearhouse bases, shopping malls, cellars, storefronts, apartments, schools, hospitals, hotels and parking lots, etc.

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There are various applications of rolling steel doors:

  • Rolling aluminum grilles
  • Rolling steel fire-rated doors
  • Rolling steel doors with stainless steel
  • Rolling steel doors with aluminum counter-style doors. 

Often roll-up doors encounter very few maintenance issues if operated and maintained properly. We provide several brands and models of rolling steel door installation services within your budget.

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For Quality Rolling Steel Doors Service:

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional commercial doors are built with horizontal panels that are attached together with joints. The panels are counterbalanced with spring and lifted with the help of aircraft cables over cable drums. The sectional doors are manufactured of steel, aluminum, or wood. The doors can have substantial sections, open & flattened diamond mesh, windows, or a combination of sections.

We provide the basic sectional garage doors to advanced sectional doors that are manufactured with double-layered with foam-filled insulated panels mainly constructed from galvanized steel sections.

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A vast collection of smooth and various styles of the sectional doors creating very stylish visual effects are available at warriors. Various high-quality sectional doors with metallic paint finishes, modern laminate woodgrain effects are trendy and used for both domestic and commercial buildings.

The overall integrity and sturdy construction of a sectional door can provide high-level stability and strength that are not possible in other garage door mechanisms. If a part in the sectional garage door is damaged, then the entire sectional garage doors installation is not necessary. We can replace only the destroyed door sections. Our garage door technicians always carry hinges & rollers, which speeds the repair and minimizes your business downtime.

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For Quality Sectional Garage Doors Service:

Commercial Door Openers

Commercial door openers are commonly used in many business garage door systems. Automatic Door openers are convenient, save a lot of time, and lower the risk of accidents than a garage door or security gates and grilles that are operated manually. Remote controllers are game-changer for commercial garage doors because they are heavy and difficult to open or close. Door openers are available for almost all types of garage doors, such as roll-up doors, security gate, or parking lot gates. This automation is reliable and also ensure your convenience and security.

Garage doors in commercial sites have different needs compared to residential applications because the usage frequency is the most common difference. Similarly, the typical garage door openers also used in the same frequency. Keeping a note of this heavy industrial usage, reliability, strength, and durability is what we focus on to produce high-quality door openers. You can count on warrior garage doors as our professional know what you need, and we install a reliable door system for many years to come. 

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We specialized in installing ADA “Push to Open” Doors. The operators can be controlled in various ways ranging from simple push buttons to keypads of different combination, wireless remote controls, card access openers, and automatic openers when sensors detect vehicles eyc.,

Due to heavy usage, damage to commercial door openers is inevitable. Warrior garage door technicians are highly trained and experienced, who can diagnose and repair all major commercial door openers of any brands and style quickly and professionally.

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For Quality Commercial Door Openers Service:

Commercial High Lift Doors

High Lift Sectional Doors are mostly used when you require more overhead clearance. These doors can rise vertically until the required clearance is achieved. It allows you to operate from a higher position. Warrior garage doors company is an expert in High Lift Doors installations of various styles, including the full glass view.

You can rely on Warrior garage doors to repair or maintain your Businesses High Lift Doors as we possess highly experienced garage door technicians in Dallas. We make your Commercial High Lift Door repair fast and reliable.

Call today to have a professionally trained technician repair you garage door today!

Faq's in Fort Worth Garage Door

Why Should You Choose Us For Your Garage Door Service?

If you want a highly professional garage door service in Frisco area, that has a knack for addressing all issues related to your garage door and has the ability to come up with a robust plan that predicts all possibly malfunctioning parts, then we are here for the rescue.
Just like a doctor would diagnose a patient by a thorough physical examination, we evaluate the root cause behind each issue at hand and develop a comprehensive framework to eradicate it, and prevent it from happening again.

What Problems Can Occur With Your Garage Door?

Some of the problems that you might encounter related to your garage door include frozen garage doors, noisy garage doors, broken glass, worn out springs, a worn out the garage door, and many others.
These issues can arise even if you religiously follow a basic maintenance and repair scheme and follow all rules related to garage door maintenance.



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I had a tough time dealing with my creaky garage doors and thought it will cost me a fortune. Warrior Garage Doors team was really helpful in explaining the issue and fixed only the spares required, saving me a lot of money.

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