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Looking for a good service for Garage Door Repair, Allen Texas? We’ve got you!

Known for our professional, round-the-clock service and repair, our team of experts at Warrior Garage Door Repair, Allen, works 24/7 to provide customized solutions for all your garage door needs.

Whether you need to repair an old door, replace damaged parts or are a new homeowner looking to invest in high-quality garage doors, we offer services to all possible situations.

Excellent Workmanship & Guaranteed Results: Allentown

A small town that began with a little over 400 residents in 1953, now houses almost 100,000 residents. Located in Collin County, Texas, Allen could boast of several notable facts, including being the place the first few seasons of Barney and Friends! It is also the first place in Texas to witness a train robbery in 1878, six years after the township was constructed and Allen came into existence. Home of the famous wakeboard park, one of the only twelve tp exist in America, Allen got its name from the last state secretary of state of the Republic of Texas, Ebenezer Allen. Whether you’re looking forward to a nice Sunday mass at the Allen Christian Church, a fun day at Celebration Park or would like to fix that garage door you’ve been meaning to, for the past few days, be assured that we know this town and would love to be your choice for the latter.

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Expert Solutions Offered By Us

We offer several garage door repair and maintenance services which include:

Garage Door Repair and Service

Mechanised systems like the ones operating a garage door are often known to bite the dust sometimes due to improper maintenance and sometimes due to overuse. It is hence necessary to call for professional repair and upkeep from time to time. Who better to call than Warrior doors’ experienced team of experts?

For Quality Garage Service:

Garage Door Spring Repair

Springs help open and close garage doors and are hence subject to a lot of wear and tear. They usually just have to be repaired but if the damage caused is more severe then it may result in a garage door spring replacement.

There are two kinds of spring systems: torsion spring and extension spring systems. Warrior Door Services ensure that you receive the best possible services for garage door spring repair Allen has to offer, based on the system you have.

For Quality Spring Service:

Cable Service Repair

Cables help the spring while holding the door and sometimes protect the owner from a flying spring when it comes loose due to wear and tear.That’s why cables are as equally liable to get damaged and this may result in periodical garage door cable replacement. We ensure that they are lubricated once fixed to make sure there are fewer complications in the future.

For Quality Cable Service:

Off-Track Service Repair

Tracks are the part of the garage door system that holds the door upright. Hence even a minor problem to the track could cause your door to abruptly fall or stay stuck.To avoid such circumstances, we make sure that the replacement tracks installed are of good quality.

For Quality Track Service:

Garage Door Roller Repair

Usually present on either side of the door, rollers help your door move smoothly while opening and closing. Much like the track, it may cause a serious problem like being stuck while open or refusing to open in the first place.Since this requires professional intervention it is usually best to call our services to handle the issue. Warrior door makes sure that it provides some of the best services of garage door roller replacement Allen has to offer.

For Quality Roller Service:

Garage Door Opener Repair

The door opening system usually concerns the remote or switch that opens or closes the garage door when flipped. It could also be the issue of a damaged remote, as in the case of an automatic system.We make sure we install a quality replacement and educate our clients on its maintenance in the future, hence making us one of the best services for garage door opener repair, Allen has seen and garage door opener replacement Allen has to offer.

For Quality Opener Service:

New Garage Door Installation

You’d be surprised how often people require a garage door replacement or new installation. At Warrior doors, we spoil you for choice and provide the best door suitable for your garage.Some of the doors offered by us include 25 and 24-gauge garage doors, long panel, double steel doors, carriage doors and many more.

For Quality New Garage Door Service:

Best In Class Garage Door Repair, Service & Installation in Allen & Neighborhood

At Warrior Doors, we pride ourselves on offering some of the garage door facilities and services in town including some of the best garage door spring replacement Allen has seen and one of the finest garage door cable replacement Allen has to offer.

Other Services offered by Warrior Doors:

Warrior Door offers a alot of other services including garage door maintenance and repair in Allen, which comprise of:

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Why Does Your Garage Door Need Us?

Having been in the garage door replacement and maintenance business for quite a while, we understand the customer’s need to be sure of the services they avail as it is important to invest in a good company the first time around. Here are some reasons why we think we might be a good fit:

Been in the Business for a long time: One of the most preferred garage door services in Texas, we’ve earned our share of the business through several years of good customer service and professional repair facilities as we continue to serve Allen and it’s residents with equal dedication to high-quality repair, maintenance, and customer satisfaction.

Provide Emergency Services: In a humid climate like Allen’s it is easy for garage doors to become damaged and the constant exposure to moisture may cause corrosion or rust in certain parts. This may result in your garage door getting stuck half-open or completely closed. Understanding your need for urgent repair, we are always prepared to treat such emergencies.

Available round the clock: We are some of the only garage door services in Texas to provide 24/7 service, ensuring that in case of an emergency, you could always contact us for help. We also have an online booking service available on our website and are known to be immediately responsive, round-the-clock.

Guaranteed Service within an hour: Vigilant and ready to help, our team is known for its immediate response and quick repair services. We guarantee the best service in the market in the fastest possible time. Our services usually do not exceed an hour, thus making it convenient and speedy for both of us.

Stellar Customer Reviews: Known for using trusted and branded products, we have always refused to compromise on quality aiming to provide the very best in the business for our customers. Our team of professionals is known to deliver on their promises of customer satisfaction and provide second-to-none warranties in the industry.

Verified Team of Experts: Experienced and certified, our team of experts is specialized in their line of repair and maintenance including the automated garage door repair system, torsion spring replacements, commercial door repairs and more. They are also trained to explain the problem and help you maintain the door once repaired or installed, to ensure you do not have issues in the future.

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Why Does Your Garage Door Need Us?

If you want a highly professional garage door service in Allen area, that has a knack for addressing all issues related to your garage door and has the ability to come up with a robust plan that predicts all possibly malfunctioning parts, then we are here for the rescue.
Just like a doctor would diagnose a patient by a thorough physical examination, we evaluate the root cause behind each issue at hand and develop a comprehensive framework to eradicate it, and prevent it from happening again.


Some of the problems that you might encounter related to your garage door include frozen garage doors, noisy garage doors, broken glass, worn out springs, a worn out the garage door, and many others.
These issues can arise even if you religiously follow a basic maintenance and repair scheme and follow all rules related to garage door maintenance.



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I had a tough time dealing with my creaky garage doors and thought it will cost me a fortune. Warrior Garage Doors team was really helpful in explaining the issue and fixed only the spares required, saving me a lot of money.

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