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Double Steel Garage Door: A garage is a wall roofed structure and one of the most significant portions of a house. It is an essential property attached to a house that is used to keep vehicles. When a garage is attached to a house, it typically becomes an entry to a house and is also called a Person door or Man door. A garage is used for entry and exit of a vehicle and protects it from precipitation. If the garage is equipped with a door & lock, it will safeguard the vehicle from vandalism. Most of the garages serve for multifunction duty such as Storage space, Gym, Parking Bicycle and many more

An installation of a quality garage door ensures adequate safety and security for a vehicle, improves a house value and appearance, and protects the vehicle from seasonal elements such as rain, snow, debris and many more.

A new/replacement of a garage door is a Triple Crown of curb appeal and according to “Remodeling Impact Report” from The National Association of Realtors the cost of a garage door replacement recovers almost 87% of your investment if you ever want to sell your house.

Many house owners prefer to have a steel door when compared to a wooden door. Having a steel garage door is the best choice as it is cheaper, more reliable and durable when compared to wood. One of the newest in garage doors is an energy efficient garage door. The insulation in the garage doors minimize the heat loss and with modern technology these garage doors come in many styles, colors, materials and design.

The benefits of having an insulated garage door are:
  • Garage Door insulation saves energy
  • Increases the durability
  • Sound proofing
  • Protects your car from extreme weather conditions and
  • Makes it easier for occasional activities in the garage
Steels doors come in three varieties and they are:
  • Single Layer Steel Door: Also referred as “pan garage door” with durable exteriors which requires little maintenance, but due to the thickness of single layer steel doors can get dented very easily.
  • Double Layer Steel Door: A double steel garage door consists of one layer of steel backed with polystyrene thermal insulation.
  • Triple Steel Door: Consists of Steel front, middle thermal and backed with steel again also called as sandwich garage door.

Steel garage doors are made of real gauge, rugged and hot dip galvanized in zinc to prevent the steel from rusting. Then the steel garage door is coated with primer for additional strength and then finished with paint.


What is a Double Steel Garage Door?

A Double Steel Garage Door is a thick panel design in which a layer of thick polystyrene insulation is coated with steel on both sides for a perfect finish. The main reason to choose a Double steel garage door is because it is energy efficient and low maintenance. There are multiple benefits of double steel garage doors. One of the benefits of double steel garage doors over pan doors is that of improved strength as the layer of insulation makes the doors thickener and less prone to dents or damages. Double steel garage doors are more efficient than single layer doors as they prevent the air from passing in and out of the garage door. Additionally, a double steel garage door is most unlikely to need any maintenance over the course of time as these type of steel doors are coated with zinc to prevent the steel from rusting


Features of a Double steel garage door are:


26 Gauge steel

Hot dipped galvanized steel makeover along with hemmed inside return rail gives superior strength and durability


1.0 MIL Paint system

Contains .25 mil rust inhibiting primer and .75 mil exterior top coat that resists fainting and chalking while giving consistent color from panel-to-panel, and long life.


20 Gauge Hot Dipped Steel Hinges Plates

Galvanized steel hinge plates run the full height of each section at all hinge locations to facilitate the attachment of handles, struts and step plates, and hinges.


Tongue and Groove Meeting Rails

Helps in superior strength and better sealing against wind, rain and snow.


Rigid Aluminum Retainer with Weatherstrip

Gives added strength while securing replaceable U-type bottom astragal weatherstrip to help keep the elements out.


R-Value 10.25 and

Sandwich type construction along with polystyrene insulation pressure bonded between two sheets of hot dipped galvanized steel helps in energy savings. This type of system makes your door operation quieter, and reduces exterior noise in the garage door.


CFC Free Expanded Polystyrene

Environmental friendly insulation will not degrade with vibration or time.

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Benefits of Double Steel Garage Doors

Double Steel garage doors have multiple layers of insulation making it stronger and more durable than a single layer and is a good investment for someone who is looking to make a quality investment in garage doors. Due to double insulation and multiple layers it gives the garage door some extra protection and strength and makes the double layer garage door stand up to the wear and tear, and are less prone to damages.

Extra insulation acts as a barrier in between the inside of the garage and harsh elements, over time on cooling and heating expenses. As these double layer garage doors are much stronger it requires less maintenance, energy efficient and also eco-friendly.

Normally a steel garage door costs between $500 to $1800 on an average and a customizable garage door reaches a total of $3000. A double steel garage door costs around $800-$1800.


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