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Driveway gates enhance the style of urban estate and also improves its security and curb appeal. Having a driveway gate has several interesting reasons and the most enticing reason is to provide better security to the property and can protect your home from an array of threats, wandering of unknown people in your property or unwanted cars pulling into your driveway. When you have a huge estate and one of your goals is to add much value, having a driveway gate will increase the value of your property and improve the curb appeal. Residential gates are one of the most convenient options that help you control access to your property.

A driveway gate not only adds beauty to your property but also provides security from vandalism or forbidding vehicles from entering. When used in conjunction it ensures that traffic to and fro the estate is controlled completely.

Benefits of having a Driveway Gates

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Property Value
  • Curb Appeal
  • Safety and
  • Convenience

Nothing is more irritating than a broken driveway gate operation and regardless of material, type, design and size of your residential gate you have installed, they will eventually need some kind of maintenance for smooth functioning. Normal wear and tear happen in standard operation and result in repairs like tracks, latches, hinges and other elements. Other common causes for a breakdown in driveway gate are:

  • Inclement weather
  • Electrical failure
  • Unwanted events and
  • Improver use

A properly and well-built driveway gate provides years of service with little maintenance. Here are some tips to keep your driveway gate in good shape.

  • Keep it Clean

Slightest dirt on a beautiful thing can make it look despicable and a driveway is an important asset  to your property and you don’t want it to look low. A water wash once in a month can do a lot of magic and in a few cases coating of wax keeps your gate protected from the sun and extreme weather. Make sure the water doesn’t enter the inner parts of the gate as it may cause damage to it.

  • Have a Visual Check

After installing a driveway gate, it’s important to have a visual check on regular intervals of time. Keep a check over the metal racks, roller, openers, hinges, chain belt, cables and many more. See if all the bolts are tightly screwed or any kind of loose belts holding the cables, look for visible wear and tear. If your residential gate is built up of wood, check if it requires any kind of oiling.

  • Lubrication

All moving parts need to be lubricated timely to keep it rust free and squeaks. Parts that are responsible for the movement in the gates like hinges, pulley, chains and rollers should be greased properly to ensure friction less functioning and smooth functioning of the driveway gate. It is recommended to grease these parts every six months.

  • Prevent it from Rust

Accumulation of dirt with extreme weather can cause rusting of your driveway gate. You must be vigilant and look for signs of rusting in the metal parts. Rusting at the initial stage can be easily dealt with washing timely. Once the rusting grows high, it can cause significant damage to your driveway gates.

  • Check for pests

Your driveway gates maintenance must be incorporated with pest control as pests cause more sabotage the performance of your residential gate. Gates possess electrical parts for smooth operation and functioning. Insects like snails or spiders can damage the parts. Once you encounter any kind of presence of any pest in your gate, you must call for a professional service provider.

  • Check Auto Reverse Function

Auto reverse function of the gate should be checked once a month to ensure smooth and flawless functioning. Check all the functions.

No matter what type of gate you have, you end up with some maintenance that is necessary. High-quality driveway gates require less work, but should be checked annually so that you don’t end up with significant problems at odd times. It is important to know signs that indicate that your driveway gate needs maintenance and repair. If you notice the following things, you would immediately reach out to professional driveway gate experts

  • Sagging in the gate
  • Grinding sound when the driveway gate opens or closes
  • Dents. Dings and weathered appearance
  • Visible structural issues
  • Resistance while opening or closing of driveway gate
  • Gates won’t stay closed
  • Latch failure like gates not closing completely
  • Misalignment of gates to one another
  • Maglock failure and
  • Failure of opening or closing of driveway gates

Weather and climate play a vital role and depending on the material with which your gate is made from. Even though we would like our driveway/ automatic driveway gates to last for a longer time, there comes a time/situation when the residential gate needs to be maintained. Different materials react differently to various weather conditions. We at Warrior Garage door offer

  • Our services are available 24 hours a day, and we provide emergency garage door service on the same day you call us.
  • With our exceptional garage door maintenance services, we help to extend the life the garage doors, docks, and gates
  • Complete end to end communication and you can call us any time for a garage door maintenance or repair around Dallas.
  • During our maintenance visit, minor to significant adjustments will be done, and regular lubrication of every friction point is taken care of.
  • Priority scheduling for service and any repairs detected during maintenance visit repaired on the same day.
  • You receive a written report in detail of our inspection for your records.