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The garage door is important for the safety and protection of your homes and it’s worthwhile when making sure that your door functions properly. The garage door is an important part of your property and is an essential investment because you use it every day to enter and exit your home. It also increases your house curb value and appearance. Having a good quality garage door will give a nice impression.

Springs are unarguably an important part of a garage door when compared to garage door openers and are found in all garage doors. Garage door springs counter the force of gravity to help the garage door to close and open. Springs are always kept on constant tension as it will help in reducing the weight that is put on the garage door. Springs make the mechanism of the garage door to open and close easier.

There are two different types of springs used in a garage door:

  1. Torsion Spring
  2. Extension Springs

What is a Torsion Spring?

A torsion spring is designed to store and release rotational and operates with a twisting force. The work of the torsion spring is to reduce the body diameter and increase in the body length. Torsion spring is mounted on the shaft that contains the cables which are responsible for lowering and lifting your garage door. It is responsible for winding the cable on the spools of the shaft and does all the lifting that is required to open your garage door. In short, the torsion springs help in maintaining the tension necessary for open and closing of the garage door.

How does Torsion Spring Work?

The torsion spring is placed above the garage door with a metal tube running through the center. It has drums on either side of the tube when the garage door is closed the drums move with the help of the cables connected at the bottom of the door which helps in winding the spring back and creates energy. When the garage door is opened, the torsion spring unwinds and releases the energy allowing the garage door to open. When the doors rollover in the opening position, the spring unwinds and loses power. The rate at which the unwind happens is called as inched pounds per turn (IPPT). Without the torsion spring, you would be responsible for lifting the garage door all by yourself.

How many Torsion Springs are there in a Garage Door?

There isn’t any right answer to this question. A few garage doors have only one torsion spring while other garage doors might have two. Both types work perfectly and are acceptable to keep your garage door running smoothly. Having a double spring will help you save money on repair and maintenance costs. As the load is split in between the springs and reduces the wear and tear of the torsion spring are reduced to half. Thus enables you to get a longer functioning garage door and torsion spring.


As the function of the garage door is to open and close, the steel in the torsion spring starts to weaken as the garage door starts to weaken and become heavy. Eventually, the springs will break, leaving your garage door closed. The life of torsion spring can also be affected due to cold weather or rush. The average lifespan of the torsion spring is in-between 5-7 years and last around 10,000 cycles depending on maintenance and how many times your garage door opens and closes per day.

Symptoms of Torsion Spring Damage

It is very important to rebalance your torsion spring after 2 years of installation as rebalancing ensures that your torsion spring is in the right position to balance the weight of your garage door.

  • The garage door opener doesn’t open the door.
  • The garage door is crooked while opening and closing
  • The door doesn’t stay up when raised manually
  • Visible split in the spring
  • Sign of rust and corrosion on the springs
  • A garage door makes creaking, screeching and other noises while opening and closing
  • Surrounding mechanisms appear worn out
  • Springs become elongated, resulting in loss of tension.


A broken torsion spring can cause injury, however the most common danger when your torsion spring breaks are when you decide to do the repair all by yourself. Torsion spring replacement can be very dangerous and need exact tools for spring replacement. Torsion springs carry a massive amount of weight and tension, so never try to replace the torsion spring all by yourself.

Torsion spring replacement is made of many parts of the door such as hinges, springs, rollers cables, etc. According to the examinations, Warrior Garage Door offers quality Spring replacement for such parts. If the doors become heavy and the springs become older than four years then it is recommended to go for a Torsion Spring Replacement. We at Warrior Garage door offer.

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