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The garage door of your house is something you don’t think much about as long as it is in working conditions. The only time you actually notice the garage door and its components is when something is wrong. And it is time when you call a garage door repair expert to come and fix your door.

There are many parts and components, that make the entire garage door function, such as:

  • Doors
  • Hardware parts and
  • Weather-Stripping

Coming to garage door hardware, the backside of the garage door you see a variety of parts and components that work in harmony for the garage door to function perfectly when everything is in working condition. The different parts of the garage door hardware are:
Ø Lifting Cables
Ø Springs
Ø Hinges
Ø Door Rollers
Ø Door Tracks and
Ø Garage Door Openers
You must have heard the words like cables, springs, and openers, but the word hinges might look strange.

What is a Garage Door Hinge?

A garage door hinge is an essential part that is small in size and the important for the proper functioning of the garage door. Hinges are located in-between the sectional piece of the door and help keep the door intact, allowing each section to bend when the door is closed or opened. The quality of the door can be told by looking at the hinges used. Good quality garage doors use double hinges for better support of the sectional door. Without hinges, your garage door would be a collection of disconnected door panels which can’t be used properly for opening or closing the garage door.

Hinges are small in size, but are subjected to great stress every time when you open or close the garage door. Garage door hinges are important for the proper functioning of the garage door whether it is commercial or residential garage doors. Hinges are the vital components of the garage door as it attaches the individual door panels together and allows the garage door panels to work as the doors go up and down. Hinges are designed to handle the weight of the garage door and acts as a safety. Even high quality hinges sometimes suffer either due to the bend or excessive wear and tear of the garage door. A premium quality hinges are manufactured using high quality steel

Reasons for the damage of hinges are:

Ø Wear and Tear
Ø Rust
Ø Age
Ø Trouble Signs and
Ø Misalignment

The first sign of trouble for a garage door hinge is either missing screw or wobbling causes breakage in the hinges. Rusted, loose or broken garage door hinges alter the usage of the garage door and are also capable of deforming the door’s guide track or its panels. Broken garage door hinges put more stress on other parts of the garage door causing damage to the other parts of the door as well. Due to broken hinges the individual panels, garage door rollers and the springs of the door can be affected.

A garage door is designed to work together with each component performing their function and assisting the other part to function properly. When a screw plate is deteriorated try replacing the screw with bolts and even if the problem is very serious you will need to replace the hinges. Garage door hinges are determined by the engraved number present on the face and some high quality garage doors use 14 scale hinges for heavy wood garage doors and while changing the hinges it is important to see that you are using the best quality hinges. The numbers on the hinges depend on the right and left side of the garage door that contains rollers which are different from one another. If you’re replacing the for residential doors, then you’ll need a 14-gauge door hinge or thicker and for commercial doors you’ll need a thicker garage door hinge of 11-gauge or lower.

How to identify the problem with your Hinges

The first and foremost sign that you will notice when your garage door hinge is damaged are:

Ø Difficult in movement
Ø Load or unusual noise while moving the door
Ø Strained movement of the door and if you notice any of these then you must check your garage door and the quality of the hinges, if you notice any broken or loose hinges, deterioration of the bolts or screws are loose then the entire garage door hinge needs to be replaced.

Whether it is rusted or broken garage door hinges stop using your garage for a few days until the problem is resolved. These parts generally wear out with usage and they aren’t lubricated; it can lead to damage to hinges. Hinges are simple and affordable to replace with proper equipment, but house owners should be aware of the potential damage of the tension and weight on the system if the hinges aren’t replaced properly and can damage the cables, track and rollers which can further deepen garage door repairs in the future.

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