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In today’s world, garage doors- both automated and traditional, are widely used in residential and commercial spaces. Given all its benefits, sometimes, garage doors may be the source of immense frustration. Finding the garage door jammed, during the rush hour or otherwise, is never pleasing and causes a delay in our day-to-day lives. Knowing why you found your garage door stuck may help you repair it quickly and avoid unnecessary delay and panic.

Though the reason for jammed doors varies from instance to instance, garage door repair and maintenance service providers have pointed out that the below-mentioned reasons are the most common ones.

1. Off-track garage doors

The reason you find your garage door stuck might be because the tracks of the garage door have been damaged or blocked by an obstacle like dirt, dust, or any piece of equipment that might have accidentally got jammed in the track.

The damage to the tracks of your garage door can be caused as a result of your car bumping against it or any such heavy clash. As a result, the track might lose its shape, and the garage door might not be able to function normally. While a minor bump or dent can be repaired by the owner himself, for more serious damage, it is advised to seek the services of an expert garage door repair service provider like Warrior Garage Doors.

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2. Malfunctioning rollers

Malfunctioning rollers, after jammed tracks, is the most common reason why people find their garage door jammed.

Rollers can cause trouble due to a variety of reasons. Lack of maintenance, additional strain on jammed tracks being some of the common ones. While oiling at regular intervals can help to increase the lifetime of the garage door roller, if any serious problems occur, there is no way you can mend it yourself without seeking professional help. Companies like Warrior Garage Doors provide roller replacement services.

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3. Damaged garage door springs

Broken garage springs are also one of the popular reasons behind people finding their garage door jammed.

This type of defect can be easily located by identifying the kind of spring your garage door has and then looking for signs of damage. Most garage doors have either the torsion spring, located horizontally above the garage door or extension springs, located on either side of the door. If you have a torsion spring, you should look for a gap in the spring. The gap signifies that the spring is damaged. On the other hand, if you have an extension spring, you will find pieces of spring hanging on either side if it is damaged.

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Though locating these defects are easy, mending them requires professional help. Companies like Warrior Garage Doors provide spring replacement and repair services.

4. Pests

Pests that make their way into your garage via vents or other holes can, over time, cause extensive damage to the mechanical system operating the garage door. It is thus important to regularly clean the tracks, rollers, and other equipment of the system. Proper maintenance not only keeps the machinery running, but it also elongates its lifetime.

If you want expert help on the maintenance of your garage door, you can also seek the affordable maintenance services of companies like Warrior Garage Doors.

5. Accidental locking

Some garage doors implement a full locking system, which allows provisions for the door to be locked from outside by simply turning a handle. Sometimes it may happen that the handle is accidentally turned by you or someone else, causing the door to be locked.

So, if your garage door has such a mechanism and is stuck, then it advisable to check the handle before calling a garage door professional for help.

How can expert garage door maintenance and repair professionals help?

If you find your garage door stuck and cannot come up with a reason for this disturbance, it is wise to call an expert garage door repair service provider for help. Doing so will avoid further damage to your garage door and will save time.

Warrior Garage Doors are the best garage door professionals in the market. Operating in Dallas and its surrounding areas, the company’s efficient service, combined with its competitive pricing and top-quality products, has earned it a top spot among garage door repair and maintenance service providers.

Whether you need to install a new garage door of any type or you find your garage door jammed, Warrior is the one-stop-shop for everything relating to garages. The company’s expert professionals repair everything ranging from broken cables and malfunctioning rollers to damaged hinges. Also, apart from repair and maintenance, Warrior has unparalleled expertise in the installation of openers and customized garage doors.