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We all know the reason why garage doors first came into existence and why they continue to be so crucial for every household that owns a car. Stating the obvious, the purpose, of course, is the safe storage of your vehicle and protecting it from theft and damage. And when you speak of garage doors, a major reason for their efficient functioning is proper garage door openers.

It is fundamental for the garage doors to have appropriate mechanical parts, and garage door openers are the most pivotal of them all. These days, when everything happens with the click of a button, why not garage door opener replacement? And we bring you just that. If you need advice on everything related to a garage door, look no further. Warrior Garage Doors offer you services like garage door opener replacement, garage door opener repair, garage door opener installation, and consultation for all your garage door problems.

If you are wondering whether it’s time to replace that old, rusty garage door opener of yours, here are 7 solid reasons you should. Read on to know more:

Security should be reason enough:

Safety and security have been the main objectives for inventions of many things, from locks to security codes and from child-safe features to well-functioning doors. So when it comes to your cars, why compromise on its safety? The number of accidents that happen in and around garage doors is horrifying, and faulty garage door openers are to be blamed for that, more than anything else.

Think about it, are you sure of the quality of garage door opener you are currently using? Is it completely theft-proof and can only be accessed by you and your family? If not, then it’s time for a garage door opener replacement.

Know when something has reached its end/limit:

There are items we use in our everyday lives that have passed their time limit. But either because of laziness or mere lack of better judgment, we keep on using them way past their limit and at times, even when the quality of these things is severely compromised. While this might be okay with your sweaters and shoes, not investing in a garage door opener replacement might pose serious dangers.

Typically, a garage door opener lasts somewhere around a decade, depending on its quality and maintenance. But, when you hear garage door creaking sounds, improper functioning, or simply when the opener has survived for too long, it might be good to consider replacing it.

Change with the times:

Creaking sounds are never good. Whether they come from a swing in the backyard, kitchen cabinets, the couch you sit on, or your garage door. And they always need to be looked into. The creaking sound coming from your garage door might be due to the inefficient functioning of the door opener or a sign that you need to replace it with a better and a newer one. Quieter operation is a better one.

Gone are the times when you had to lift or roll your doors up. With Warrior Garage Doors, garage door opener repair will never be a problem.

When your granddad is the only one who has seen its installation:

Well, it’s safe to say that every single thing that we use becomes outdated after a few years, and either needs to be replaced or repaired. It is the same with garage door openers. Homeowners are responsible for their garage door opener Installation and must ensure that the openers being installed are of good quality and very much reliable.

But no matter what the quality had been back then, after a typical time frame of 10-15 years, garage door openers tend to become inefficient and less reliable. Moreover, if it has been more than over a decade, chances are, garage door opener repairs also might not be a solution. Hence, it is necessary that no matter how much you trusted the guy installing it, it’s safer to get your opener replaced when it’s time. So check when it was installed, if it has been too long, it is probably time.

Electricity might not be as invincible as you think:

Imagine this: it is a stormy night, and there has been a power outage in the neighborhood. You come back from work and are not able to operate the garage door because it works on electricity. The garage door openers used to work through an electric connection, but that made it impossible to operate them on such days.

If this is something that you find of concern, you might need to look into getting a garage door opener replacement that is battery-operated. These are the need of the hour and are much more efficient and eco friendly. Mainly because of the source they derive their energy from. And if you are not sure about this, Warrior Garage Doors can help you understand it much better.

When your car is smarter than your garage door:

Now with everything becoming updated and advanced with each passing day, it is wrong to assume that your car could get away with being all modernized, but your garage door opening system will have to make do with remaining the same. It’s time you understood your smart car needs a smarter storage system.

Older garage door openers used to get operated with keys, rollers, and keypads, but when you have a car that has its own inbuilt system to open and close the garage door, you might want to go for a garage door opener installation that synchronizes with your car.

Defectiveness is a sign that its time:

Is it safe to put your prized possession such as a car someplace where the door opening system itself is not up to the mark? There is a huge chance of accidents and mishappenings due to faulty and defective garage door openers; let Warrior Garage Doors help you with its vast range of options.

So what are you waiting for? Garage door replacement is not that tough anymore. Don’t let what is out of sight, get out of mind. Contact us, and let us help you with all your garage door opener needs. Be it Garage door opener installation, repairs, or replacement, we are ready and equipped for you. Are you?