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A garage door seal is a tool that protects your garage from the outside environmental factors like rain, cold or intense heat. It is commonly known as a weather-stripping or weathering seal because it acts as a savior from the harsh weather conditions. The seal is applied all around the four sides of the door to ensure that it touches the ground, and no gaps are left. The process is very crucial towards garage maintenance, and Warrior Garage Doors can give you the best professional opinion on it.

Importance of a Garage Door Seal

A garage door seal is an essential element to your garage doors because it protects the door from the external environment. Most importantly, it keeps out moisture and pests from peeping into the garage. Also, it does not allow the weather to take control of the garage’s microclimate. Thus, it eventually helps a lot in cutting down on energy bills. Garage door seals are important for safety and hygiene; it is an essential component for a well-maintained garage.

When should you replace the garage door seal?

Garage door seal replacement is a timely process. Using the same door seal for years is not the best option, as it gets tarnished with time and use. Thus, it is vital to know when you need to replace the garage door seal.

The best way to know when there is a requirement for garage door seal replacement is by analyzing the sides of the doors. If the light enters inside even after lowering the door, then the seal must be cracking from that side. Moreover, examine the entire door seal and check whether any part of the seal is cracking or tearing apart. If it does, then it is the time to call up Warrior Garage Doors to fix the door seal.

How do we fix the garage door seal?

The base of the door is most likely to get deteriorated first because it shares a large contact area with the external environment. Also, alternative periods of moisture and heat damage the seal easily and rapidly. Hence, follow the given steps to repair your garage door seal easily or call up Warrior Garage Doors for help.

Measurements are the key

The first step to fix the door seal is to measure its dimensions (length, breadth, and thickness). It is an essential step while fixing the seal because it decides the size of the rubber seal required to solve the issue. A half-hearted effort must be avoided as improper measurements will lead to a fault in the size of the seal to be used for repairing.

Buy a new seal for the door

Buying a new garage door seal involves an expanded vision towards it. There are different gaskets for you to choose from. Hence, pick the one that goes well with the measurements of your door. Also, it must be in line with the material you wish to buy.

Some of the doors are provided with a metal piece that fits in the replaceable seal. Hence, you can check for door seals that fit into that metal piece. Not to forget that there are cold-resistant seals available as well. Such door seals are useful in cold weather and protect your door from getting cracked during winter.

Eradicate the old seal

To remove the old seal, you need to lift the door a bit to a comfortable height. Post lifting the door, scrape out the old seal by pulling it out. But, in case you experience any resistance while pulling, then just bend the track a little. There is a possibility that the seal might be rotten so you can remove it in pieces rather than pulling out the entire broken seal. Once the damaged seal is out, clean the surface of the door using a brush to reduce the friction.

All of us do not have metal doors; many have a wooden garage door as well. Thus, there is no metal track for the rubber seal to fit in. Instead, the garage door seal is hammered into the wood. So, you need to pull out the pieces of the seal forcefully. Finally, just clean the surface of the wood using a wood sealer.

It is time-consuming and uneconomical to hammer nails each time you replace the seal for your wooden garage door, so you can always contact Warrior Garage doors if you find yourself in trouble.

Replace the older seal

This is one of those steps in the garage door seal replacement process that you will enjoy. Just slide in the new rubber seal over the metal tracks using a lubricant. You may use oil or dish soap to overlay the seal easily. But, the most important part here is to fix it well so that no gap is there for air to peep in. Also, ensure that the seal has gripped on the metal tightly by testing with soap water. Brush that seal with soap water and make sure that there are no bubbles popping.

Nailing the seal

It is possible that sometimes the garage door seal does not grip the metal track perfectly. So, you cannot just pull it out and fix it again. The best option available then is to hammer the seal with nails.

Cost of replacing the garage door seal

Replacing a garage door seal is not too costly. It costs about $50 to $70 depending upon the material used and the length of the seal. The overall cost of garage door seal replacement includes material costs like the glues, rubber seal, nails, and labor costs.

But a point to be noted here is that replacing a garage door seal can prove to be too expensive if you do not hire professionals or delay the process. Warrior Garage Doors always charge the most reasonable amount and ensure there isn’t any wastage in the process.