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Garage door springs are large springs that act against the force of gravity and aid in opening and closing of the garage door. They help by making the garage door light enough to be lifted by hand or to be raised easily by a power-lifter. These springs are the most critical parts of your garage door, so it is important to invest in a good garage door spring and garage door spring replacement regularly. There are mainly two different types of garage door springs available. They are torsion springs and extension springs, which are explained in detail below.

  • Torsion spring system – In the torsion spring system, the torsion springs are located right above the door that slides onto a bar. Torsion springs are installed directly on the metal shaft right above the garage door opening. Once the placement is done, aluminum drums are placed on both ends of the shaft. Your garage door may need one to four torsion springs depending on the size, strength, and weight of the door.
  • Extension spring system – The extension spring system is an older spring system in which two springs are mounted on either side of the garage door parallel to the horizontal track. The extension springs can store a lot of energy due to more stretching and extension. When the garage door is closed, more energy can spread out on the horizontal track, adding tension to the spring. Usually, two extension springs are used on garage doors, placed on either side of the door.

Reasons for Garage Door Spring Replacement

Every moving or mechanical part has a lifespan, and springs are no exception. As with all moving metal parts, your garage door springs can also experience some wear and tear that leads to deterioration or a broken garage door spring, as well as affect the smooth opening and closing of your garage doors. The daily usage of the garage door can have a heavy toll on the springs from the pressure caused by friction and tension, and as a result, there will be a lot of issues in the springs. In case of minor damage, it can usually be fixed with a garage door spring repair, but if there is some severe damage, you will have to replace garage door spring. This is why it is necessary to get your garage door springs examined from time to time by experts and specialists that precisely know how to identify the source of the problem and make the right repairs.

Some of the main reasons that you will need to replace garage door spring or go for a garage door spring repair are explained below.

  • Wear and tear – This is the top reason why you will need garage door spring replacement. A properly installed spring will last for around 10,000 up-and-down cycles, but this limit is reached quite fast, depending on how many times you open and close the garage door each day.
  • Rust – Rust can lead to a broken garage door spring. It can be prevented by spraying the coil with a lubricant every few months, which we can provide.
  • Poor maintenance – Proper maintenance is necessary to prolong the spring’s life. Spraying down the coils with lubricant three times a year minimum, checking the garage door balance, and having technicians come in is necessary, especially during the winter season. Check the Warrior Garage Doors website to schedule a service.
  • Incorrect springs – It is vital to use the correct length, wire size, and type of garage door springs suitable for your garage door to avoid causing heavy damage, by exerting excess pressure or tension on the spring parts, and to ensure that the weight load of raising and closing the garage door is evenly distributed.

The above reasons make a garage door spring repair or a garage door spring replacement inevitable at some point. But don’t worry because Warrior Garage Doors has well-trained and the most experienced technicians in Tulsa, who are well-versed in solving all the issues related to garage door spring repair, at a very affordable price.

How to make a Garage Door Spring Replacement?

It is not at all advisable for you to try and fix the garage doors yourself as the springs (especially the torsion variety) are tightly wound and are under a lot of tension. Hence, fiddling with them without knowing how they work can cause serious injuries. So, for repairs other than spraying lubricants, call an expert. To decide whether you need a garage door spring replacement or a garage door spring repair, you need to have professionals assess your door and make a diagnosis of its condition. They will check if there is a broken garage door spring (so that you will have to replace garage door spring) or whether you need a simple garage door spring repair.

To decide between making a garage door spring replacement or a garage door spring repair, the technician first needs to identify the underlying issue—whether there is a breakage in the springs, or whether it needs to be rebalanced or re-tensioned, or if it needs to be replaced entirely. They will first conduct two tests to determine the state of the garage door.

  • First, they will check if the door stays in the up position when released from the opener. Some movement is acceptable, but if either one of the bottom rollers moves beyond the line between the horizontal and vertical track and stays below the line, then the torsion springs are failing and need to be re-tensioned.
  • Secondly, the door is pulled to a mid-level position. It should rest in that position without moving up or down and get supported by the strength of the springs.

The garage door spring repair will be made to one or more parts of the door, such as the hinges, springs, rollers, opener gears, drums, cables, tracks, etc. according to the diagnosis made after further examination. Warrior Garage Doors offer quality garage door spring replacement for such parts. If the doors are heavy and the springs are older than three or four years, then it is recommended to go for garage door spring replacement. Warrior Garage Doors offer exceptional services from professionally trained technicians that are fully equipped to work on torsion and extension spring systems at an affordable price.