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Garage Door Spring Repair

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Get your garage door spring repaired by Warrior Garage door experts

The garage door is one door in the house that is put to use as frequently as the main door of the house. Everyday use of garage doors also leads to wear and tear over time, and eventually, the spring inside them asks for a replacement. A proper garage door spring lets us open or shuts the garage door with ease. The spring bears the tension of the door weight and allows for smooth door movement. If a smooth movement has been interrupted, it is time to call up Warrior Garage Doors for your garage door spring repair.

About Warrior Garage Door Services specializes in the garage door spring replacement process as we take time to understand every step of the procedure very closely. We ensure that the service we provide is only delivered with the help of quality craftsmanship. All the technicians that are a part of the Warrior garage door team are highly skilled in garage door spring repair and understand the process very well.

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Services offered by Warrior garage doors

Garage door spring repair

The spring in the garage doors that we all have in our homes is responsible for the smooth functioning as you open or close it. With time, the spring may face wear and tear and lose its elasticity and will need repair. With our garage door spring repair services, you can get the same spring repaired in time, and your door will regain its smooth function.

For Quality Spring Repair Service:

Garage door spring replacement

Often it is seen that the spring used in the garage door previously can’t be repaired and needs replacement entirely. Our staff will be able to suggest you on the same and help you get the garage door spring replacement done efficiently.

For Quality Spring Replacement Service:

Broken garage door spring

Warrior Garage Doors specialize in repairing broken garage door spring. With the overuse of the garage door or due to a sudden shock, the spring in it often breaks so you can call us up anytime that happens, and we will help you fix it on the same day. Our staff is available 24*7 at your call.

At Warrior Garage Door Services, we follow a meticulous step-by-step process to make sure all our garage door spring replacements and repair are proper. The next time you think of garage door spring repair, do give us a call, and we will provide you with a free inspection. Keep your garage safe and secure with Warrior Garage Doors.

For Quality Broken Spring Repair Service:

About Warrior Garage doors

We often observe that the support system attached to the garage door, which is responsible for its movement, is overlooked. It is important to understand that the spring loses its tension and elasticity with time, sometimes resulting in a broken garage door spring. Expert technicians at Warrior Garage Doors understand the factors that lead up-to garage door spring replacement.

Warrior Garage Doors are known for the quality of service and our regular availability to the customers. For every garage door spring repair, we do only use the best quality parts and materials to maintain the quality we vouch for. Our prices are also reasonable, pertaining to the skilled work we deliver. Every team member we take on board understands what we stand for. Our forte is repair services related to garage doors, but we also provide you with garage door replacement, if required.

Warrior Garage Doors have also taken the crucial step to indulge in broken garage door spring replacement of various types, as we have gained experience over time. We understand the type of product first and deliver accordingly during the garage door spring replacement process.

Highlights of our garage door services:

  • Affordable pricing for repair
  • Skilled technicians at work
  • 24*7 communication
  • Highest quality of craftsmanship
  • Safety maintenance
  • Use of best quality repair parts
  • Defined and tested repair process
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Emergency services available.

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Why choose Warrior garage doors?


We follow a specific process to carry out the garage door spring repair. Each and every step is well explained to the technicians that follow up on the repair when you sign up for our services. You can also ask for tips from them and even understand the process better.


At Warrior Garage Doors, we use two types of springs because of the kind of doors we come across, and those are garage door torsion spring and extension spring. Our entire team of technicians is skilled in the replacement of both types of springs, so it is assured that the garage door spring replacement would be done effectively.


The staff on board with us is skilled well in the work that they do and understand the process well. We make sure that all rules and regulations are followed by them during garage door spring repair and that they fulfil the expectations our customers have from us.


Safety measures are a must when it comes to a peculiar process like the replacement of a broken garage door spring. Our staff is skilled in taking precautionary measures as per the situation and ensure that all threats to safety are also taken care of beforehand. Any malfunction of the spring etc. will be dealt carefully to make sure safety is maintained.

Call today to have a professionally trained technician repair you garage door today!

Spring FAQ'S

How much does it cost to replace a garage door spring?

Garage door springs replacement costs between $220 and $300 approximately for a professional to complete the job which also includes the cost of the spring ranges from $45 to $100 for a torsion spring and $8 to $35 for an extension spring.

How do I open my garage door with a broken spring?

Even if some openers can lift the garage door you risk damage to the operator and the door if you try to open or close it using an automatic operator.

What is the average life of a garage door spring?

The Average Life Expectancy of an average home that opens and closes a garage door four times daily, and, with a 10,000-cycle torsion spring is approximately seven years and the lifespan of a high-cycle springs last from approximately 14 to 20 years.

How often should you replace your garage door springs?

If the garage door spring is correctly installed, you should expect a broken garage door spring around 14 years after the spring that last about 10,000 cycles of opening and closing and hence need to replace it immediately.

How do I know what garage door spring to buy?

Firstly, the wind direction is to be determined, then the wire size is to be measured including overall length along with (IOD) inside diameter of the spring and finally color-code of the spring is to be identified which will give the garage door supplier everything they need to determine the right spring.

How to measure garage door springs?

To determine the wind direction, look at the end of the spring first then the length of the spring that needs to be replaced is to be measured, in inches, of ten or twenty coil, measure the inside diameter of the 1/16” of an inch for torsion springs and the overall length of the spring is to be measured to the nearest quarter inch.

Is it dangerous to replace garage door spring?

Replacing the garage door spring is dangerous as it is under constant tension and a sudden failure of the springs can cause the spring to break apart violently

How long does it take to replace garage door springs?

It takes approximately 1 hour to replace 2 garage door springs and it takes longer time if the parts are too old to replace

How much does it cost to fix a spring on garage door?

Garage door springs replacement costs between $220 and $300 approximately for a professional to complete the Garage door springs replacement it costs between $220 and $300 approximately including the cost of the torsion spring that ranges from $45 to $100 and extension spring that ranges from $8 to $35

Can I replace garage door spring myself?

It is better to leave the work of replacing a garage door spring to a garage door professional even if you can replace it yourself because replacing the broken or damaged garage door spring involves risk and discomfort.


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