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Garage Door Cable Repair

Garage Door Cable Repair in Houston

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Garage Door Cable Repair/Replacement in houston

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Garage Door Cable Repair

Garage Door Cable Repair Houston: Cables play a very essential role in the proper functioning of the garage door. Not only do they help in the smooth opening and closing of the door, but they also determine the life of your garage door. But, with the everyday wear and tear, the garage door cable houston becomes faulty. Once the garage door cable becomes faulty, you are bound to face some major issues like issues in the opening and closing of the door, the door falling off, etc. Therefore, you need to take care of your garage door by calling Warrior Garage Doors on a timely basis for its maintenance.

Why does your Garage Door need a Cable?

It is impossible to think about your garage door without a cable, as it helps in the opening and closing of the garage door through lowering and lifting. Playing a crucial role in the working of your garage door, the cable needs to be maintained by timely repairs. The two types of cables used in garage doors are:

Lift Cables: Lift cables are the ones that are found in your garage doors’ torsion. These cables are connected to the bottom of your garage door and run upwards towards the location of the torsion springs.

Retaining Cables: Found in extension cables of the garage doors, the retaining cables run through the garage door spring on both sides of the garage door.

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Factors leading to the breakage of the Garage Door Cables

It does not matter if your garage door is automatic or manual, it is obvious that the resilient cables of your garage door won’t last forever. Some of the ways that lead to the breakage of your garage door cables are:


  • Normal wear and tear caused due to aging
  • Lack of proper and timely maintenance
  • Various items that jam the door tracks
  • Striking of the garage door with a heavy object
  • Incorrect drums and springs attached to the door
  • Improper adjustment of the spring tension
  • Snapping of the garage door spring

For Quality Cable Service:

Spotting a Busted Cable

Spotting a busted cable is easy, but spotting the signs and symptoms of an ill-functioning cable can save you from paying more to get a new cable attached to the door. If you spot the symptoms of the busting cable, you can get the same cable repaired on time. Some of the ways through which you can spot it are:


  • Observing a heaviness in the garage door
  • Uneasiness in opening the garage door completely
  • Hearing squeaky noises while opening and closing the garage door
  • Issues related to the balance while opening the door

For Quality Cable Service:

Why choose Warrior Garage Doors?

Warrior Garage Doors provides all the effective ways of treating all problems relating to garage door cable repair houston. Some of the reasons for choosing Warrior Garage Doors are:

Expert Technicians: All our technicians are highly trained in fixing all the issues related to your garage doors.

Online Booking: You do not need to call or visit us for making appointments as you can do that online at your convenience.

Easy Availability: Having a high number of technicians, we do not make any delays in sending our technicians to your home.

Reasonable Charges: With us, you do not have to worry about paying extra as we charge nominal rates for our services.

Call today to have a professionally trained technician repair you garage door today!

Cables Faq’s

Can I open garage door with broken cable?

The broken cable makes your garage door stuck open which leaves your home exposed and you need to cut the unbroken cable to prevent this which secure your home until a professional repair it.

How long should garage door cables last?

The cable length should be the door height plus 18 inches for standard-lift residential garage doors. Measure the full length including loops, spools, thimbles, and stops when you are measuring an old cable. Diameters 3/32″, 1/8″, 5/32″, 3/16″, and 1/4″ of raw cable is also available

How do you adjust garage door cables?

To Adjust the door cables, adjust the cables bracket first. If you still find the slack on the cable, adjust the bracket holding the wire to the hook that attached to the frame and loosen the bracket by pulling excess cable through the bracket, re-tighten it by using your pliers. The wire should be reattached to the frame with the hook

What causes garage door cable to come off?

Because of uneven operation on the two sides of the door opener system cables may come off the pulley system. The excessive noise and rattling from the cable-pulley system when opening makes the homeowners to get alerted to this problem.

How long should garage door cables last?

Replace the cables as soon as you notice rust or oxidation on the cables because these are weak spots where the cable may soon break. spraying the cables at minimum once a year with a garage door spray lube is to be done to maintain the cables and prolong the life of the cables.



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