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A garage door opener is a motorized device that allows the garage door to open and close. It’s controlled by switches that are present on the garage wall. A garage door opener is easy and illuminated access to your home and enhances your security. Features such as smart-device compatibility and home automation can improve the connectivity and make it more convenient.

A garage door opener is one of the most overlooked parts of any garage. There are so many options available in terms of garage door openers right from Chain-driven models to belt driven models and a few openers can be operated using smart phones.

Different Types of Garage door openers

There are basically four different types of garage door openers available in the market and all these models have one thing in common that is – All these models consist of motors which helps the trolley move and the trolley in return is connected to the door. Whenever the trolley is activated it causes the garage door to move up and down. One of the main differences between these four types of garage door opener is the working utility, some openers run on chains, a few n belts or threaded parts.

The four different types of Openers are:

  • Chain Drive
  • Belt Drive
  • Screw Drive and
  • Direct Drive

There is a few feature in the garage door opener installation that is considered essential and convenient for house owners in many ways:

  • Remotes
  • Manual release
  • Key chain remote
  • Security light
  • Home automation system
  • Wi-Fi integration
  • Rail extension
  • Jackshaft operators

A garage door opener is a complicated mechanism and there are a lot of functions that go behind it and they fail without any kind of warnings. It’s obvious that there many possible reasons that could cause garage door failed to open and it’s common that a garage door opener is broken

A properly functioning garage door is very important for the operation to work smoothly and it is crucial to check both the mechanisms individually as it helps you determine the status of the garage door opener. A garage door is a complicated mechanism and a lot of functions that place behind it.  A Garage door opener sometimes fails without any kind of warning and the obvious that there are possibly many reasons that could cause a garage door failure and it’s common for a broken garage door opener.

Whether your garage door opens or closes properly, making strange noise or isn’t responding. Here are a few steps you can follow on How to diagnose if your garage door opener is functioning properly or not.

  • Check for power

The first and foremost thing you want to do if your garage door isn’t responsive, is to check if it is receiving power and also check if the sensors are working properly or not. If your outlet is giving any kind of power, then you will have to check the main control panel and check for the breaker switch, if the breaker switch is good then probably your power circuit board is burned out.

  • Check the remote and try unlocking

There is a possibility that the lock might have got engaged as it is a safety feature that is available in today’s modern garage doors, it is one of the features that can be easily turned on and off. It prevents the remote from opening and closing the door. To check if your garage door opener is locked or not, you will have to take a look at the wall mounted garage door opener button. The light is situated under the plastic button. If the green button is blinking continuously, the garage door is locked and can be unlocked by holding the lock button for a few seconds until the blinking stops, then again try operating the remote.

  • Over Sensitive Sensors

Garage door safety sensors are an important function. Over-sensitive sensor doors prevent the door from closing and are easily knocked out of alignment and give you a false impression that something is in the way. There are two sensors aligned at the bottom of the garage door where one sensor is sending a beam of light and the other receives it. Make sure you check both the sensors if the LED light is on or off. If the LED light isn’t blinking, then the sensor thinks that some object is blocking it’s way. Make sure that both the sensors are aligned properly. If everything is fine, then check if the wire is aligned properly and ensure that it isn’t damaged.

  • Remote

Often there are times when a garage door issue boils down to remote control. Even by replacing the battery doesn’t work, then press and hold the learn button on the motor system.  You can also check for radio frequency interference. The LED lights used in the garden or home security can create radio interference that will stop the garage door opener from working.

  • Keypad

You can check the wall mounted keypad despite it being mounted to the wall. It is easy to forget that the batteries might have stopped working, then try replacing the battery and even when it doesn’t work try re-programming the keypad by following the instruction given on the manual.

  • Check the Tracks

The tracks on the side of the garage door are laid straight and clear of obstruction. If the tracks are blocked or crooked, then the garage door opener will struggle while opening or closing the door.

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